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Avhandlingar logopedi
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Ineke Samson
Stuttering in young females and males

Anna Nyman
Babbling, speech and language in children with neurological disabilities – development, validity of measures and effect of intervention

Susanne Rex
Assessment and differential diagnosis in childhood apraxia of speech

Helena Hybinette
Diagnosis and Recovery Patterns in Patients with Apraxia of Speech after Stroke


Åsa Mogren
Orofacial function in children with speech sound disorders

Marion Lieberman
Delayed babbling at 10 months : observation, detection and a two-year follow-up



Anna Persson
Swedish children with moderate hearing loss : on the importance of monitoring auditory and early speech development the first three years

Ann Malmenholt
Exploring childhood apraxia of speech: Speech and language profiles in 5-year-olds with suspected apraxia of speech or cleft palate

Joakim Körner Gustafsson
Voice disorders and treatment effects in Parkinson’s disease studied with a  portable voice accumulator


Liv Thalén
Medical decision-making capacity among geriatric patients with and without dementia : communication-based approaches for assessment and facilitation


Sara Stormoen
Medical decision-making in Alzheimer’s disease: a linguistic approach


Annika Szabo Portela
The female voice in vocally demanding professions: Field studies using portable voice accumulators


Jill Nyberg
Speech outcome in children born with cleft lip and palate treated with one-stage palate repair:
aspects of function and environment


Pävikki Aarne
Self and other; socio-emotional aspects of development in children with language impairment


Ulrika Nygren
Effects of increased level of androgens on voice and vocal folds in women with congenital adrenal hyperplasia and female-to-male transsexual persons

Kristina Klintö
Speech and expressive language in Swedish-speaking children with unilateral cleft lip and palate

Ulrika Löfkvist
Lexical and Semantic Development in Children With Cochlear Implants


Kerstin Johansson
Speech and voice characteristics in multiple sclerosis and cervical spinal cord injury : descriptive studies and effects of respiratory training



Elisabet Lundström
Voice function and quality of life in laryngectomees

Hans Larsson
Methods for measurement of vocal fold vibration and viscoelasticity


Ellika Schalling
Speech, voice, language and cognition in individuals with spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA)


Jenny Iwarsson
Breathin and Phonation - Effects of Lung Volume and Breathing Behaviour on Voice Function

Ing-Mari Tallberg
Semantic analysis of irrelevant speech in dementia



Riitta Ylitalo
Clinical studies of contact granuloma and posterior laryngitis with special regard to esophagopharyngeal reflux


Jonas Karling
Speech and Velopharyngeal Function in Patients with Hypernasality. An Investigation Utilizing Listener Judgments, Instrumental Analysis (NORAM) Multiview Videoradiography and Nasopharyngoscopy

Anita McAllister
Acoustic, Perceptual and Physiological Studies of Ten-Year-Old Childrens voice


Elisabet Lindström
Hoarseness in ten-year-old children. Perceptual Characteristics, Prevalence and Etiology


Stellan Hertegård
Vocal fold vibrations as studied with flow inverse filtering

Per-Åke Lindestad
Electromyographic and laryngoscopic studies of normal and disturbed voice function

Maria Södersten
Vocal fold closure during phonation physiological, perceptual, and acoustic studies.


Gunilla Henningsson
Impairment of velopharyngeal function in patients with hypernasal speech


Britta Hammarberg
Perceptual and Acoustic Analysis of Dysphonia

Medarbetare disputerade vid annat universitet/institution

Anders Sand
Subliminal or not?: An appraisal of semantic processing in the near absence of visual awareness 

Anna Eva Hallin
Language Processing and Awareness in Swedish School-Age Children with and without Language Impairment.

Sofia Strömbergsson
The /k/s, the /t/s. and the in-betweens. Novel approaches to examining the perceptual consequences of misarticulated speech

Per Östberg
Lexical and articulatory aspects of speech production in cognitive decline.

Christina Samuelsson
Prosody in Swedish children with language impairment. Perceptual, acoustic and interactional aspects

Svante Granqvist
Computer methods for voice analysis

Anette Lohmander
Speech in children with cleft palate treated with delayed hard palate closure.

Eva B Holmberg
Aerodynamic measurements of normal voice.

Åsa Catapano