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StratNeuro brings together initiatives to enhance the career opportunities for young researchers by funding the research training programme, annual doctoral courses and a yearly Winter Conference for doctoral students.

StratNeuro's support to the research training programme

The Doctoral Programme in Neuroscience is one of Karolinska Institutet's twelve thematic doctoral programmes that aim to improve the training and networking of doctoral students. It is open to all doctoral students at the university with an interest in the field of neuroscience.

Building on this existing effort, StratNeuro has provided additional support and cooperation to strengthen the quality of recruitment and training of future PhDs. Funding from StratNeuro is used to support mainly three initiatives.

A new curriculum of four annual doctoral courses

A new curriculum of four annual doctoral courses has been introduced.

  1. The developing brain
  2. Brain Circuits
  3. Functional cognitive neuroanatomy
  4. Neurodegenerative disorders

These courses are given at the beginning of the fall semester and provide a solid start aimed primarily for doctoral students in the beginning of their training.

Neuroscience Elective

To promote the quality of the recuitment of future doctoral students a Neuroscience Elective has been created, which comprises year 2 of the International Masters Programme in Biomedicine of Karolinska Institutet.

Eight places are available for application and the selected students are given place in the introductory course package. Following the course work, the students are conducting two laboratory projects (10 + 20 weeks), before they reach their Master's degree.


For more information on StratNeuro's support to the Doctoral Programme of Neurosciences, please contact Lennart Brodin.

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