LifeGene for Scientists

LifeGene is a prospective cohort study with data from over 52,000 participants and is available for research with ethical approval.

LifeGene is a national project that has built a resource available for research in all medical disciplines and enables ground-breaking research on the connections between heredity, environment and lifestyle. Researchers not only in biomedicine and biotechnology but also in behavioral and social sciences can benefit from access to LifeGene. By combining a biological perspective with e-epidemiology, LifeGene opens up new opportunities for a greater understanding of the interplay between heredity, lifestyle and environment when it comes to our most common diseases.

A few examples of how the cohort is used:

  • Linkage with sources of medical record information and quality registers
  • Data, samples and participants from LifeGene are used in studies as controls
  • Contact with participants for study-specific follow-up surveys or invitations to participate in new studies, for example Omtanke2020

A resource for the future

The unique resources in Sweden, such as our personal registration number, registries of genetically informative populations, and health outcomes, make Sweden an epidemiologic goldmine. As a complement to the register-based epidemiologic tradition, Sweden is in the forefront regarding development and implementation of information technology and biotechnology. Research over a long period of time will demand new methods and systems to handle the assembly and storage of data. The data-sharing policy conforms to international recommendations. Key to the LifeGene effort is modern bioinformatics and state of the art biobanking on all levels. LifeGene is an open-access resource for many national and international researchers in the future.

Content reviewer:
Annie Agrell