Ongoing Research in LifeGene

We are very pleased that several researchers are using LifeGene data in their research.

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Ongoing research projects:

  • Spirometry in the LifeGene project- analyze of quality and normal equations. Researcher in charge: Martin Anderson
  • Self-reported and audiometrically assessed hearing impairment. Researcher in charge: Anders Fridberger
  • I GUT LifeGene: Irritable bowel Syndrom (IBS) Genes Under Test in LifeGene. Researcher in charge: Mauro D’Amato
  • Asthma, sleep disturbances, noise and the metabolic syndrome. Researcher in charge: Christer Janson
  • The prevalence, impact and co-morbidities of premenstrual symptoms and the interrelationship between them. Researcher in charge: Elias Eriksson
  • Born into Life. Researcher in charge: Catarina Almqvist Malmros, Göran Pershagen, Ellika Andolf
  • Association between sleep duration and healthiness in children. Researcher in charge: Christian Benedict
  • Diet, physical activity and health among children, teenagers and adults: with focus on public health implications of sustainable food habits. Researcher in charge: Katarina Bälter
  • Factors Influencing Sexual Orientation Disparities in Physiological and Biological markers of Cardiovascular, Metabolic and Respiratory Risk – A Minority Stress Model. Researcher in charge: Richard Bränström
  • STOP: Swedish Tinnitus Outreach Project – Understanding tinnitus through Epidemiology, Genetic and better Diagnostics. Researcher in charge:Christopher Cederroth
  • Genetic moderators of social cognition: A web-based approach. Researcher in charge: Markus Heilig
  • Familial structure and environment in relation to obesity in childhood and adolescence. Researcher in charge: Lauren Lissner
  • Relationship between life-style factors and blood pressure at different ages. Researcher in charge: Lars Lind
  • PAGES, Population-based Autism Genetics and Environment Study. Researcher in charge: Sven Sandin
  • Immunology of Pandemrix – induced narcolepsy. Researcher in charge: Alexander Lind
  • Association between sleep duration and healthiness in children. Researcher in charge: Christian Benedict
  • Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative (ANGI). Researcher in charge: Mikael Landén
  • S3 Swedish Schizophreniastudy. Researcher in charge: Patrick Sullivan
  • Early life programming of health, body function and disease in the LifeGene Cohort. Researcher in charge: Peter Nilsson
  • Quality of life in the limelight: A Swedish register based cohort study on the impact of injury. Researcher in charge: Ritva Rissanen
  • The association between mental health and hypertension among women with and without a lifetime history of violence. Researcher in charge: Unnur Valdimarsdottir
  • “AGE”- Plasma profiling in ageing. Researcher in charge: Jochen Schwenk, Mattias Uhlén
  • Evaluation of Screening method to identify undetected type 2 Diabetes and its precursors, Healthindex. Researcher in charge: Claes-Göran Östenson
  • Genetic epidemiology of disordered gambling and associated traits. Researcher in charge: Wendy S. Slutske
  • Genome Aggregation Study in Sweden (GAPS): Cognition and Depression Studies. Researcher in charge: Patrick Sullivan
  •, Cycle 2. Researcher in charge: Johan Sundström
  • Obesity and Disease Development Sweden (ODDS) Study. Researcher in charge: Tanja Stocks
  • Premenstrual disorders: risk factors, comorbidity and impact. Researcher in charge: Donghao Lu
  • Lifestyle behaviours, working conditions and health among office workers.  A subproject within Concepts for the Sustainable Office of the Future (SOFCO). Researcher in charge: Susanna Lehtinen-Jacks
  • Use of psychedelics in a Swedish population cohort. - prevalence and associations with physical and mental health. Researcher in charge: Walter Osika
  • Epidemiology of aging and age-related traits. Researcher in charge: Sara Hägg
  • Mid-urethral sling (MUI) surgery due to stress urinary incontinence (SUI), a long term follow-up of Swedish results in the Swedish National Quality Register of Gynecology. Researcher in charge: Marion Ek
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