Planning eHealth studies

Do you have an eHealth idea that you wish to develop? Not sure weather to use a mobile app or Internet platform to test your eHealth intervention? Let our experts help you with the planning of your study! We provide support in all parts of the journey; from applying for funding and writing ethics application to preparing your eHealth data and results for publication.

Our eHealth planning services

Here are some of the services that the eHealth Core Facility provides when it comes to planning an eHealth study. You are always welcome to contact our facility manager through, even if you need help with something that you can't find in this list.

  • Writing a grant- or research ethics application: We can provide support for applying for funding in eHealth and writing eHealth research ethics applications.
  • Choice of eHealth tool: We can help you choose the right tool for your eHealth study. We have experience in using a wide variety of eHealth tools and can provide you with the pros and cons of each of those.
  • Workshops: We can arrange workshops with your team for developing ideas for online interventions or mHealth tools.
  • Usability testing: We can help you make sure the product is easy to use and suitable for your population. We have a long experience in designing tools for usability testing in eHealth.
  • Recruitment of test users: We can help you find test users that can provide information on the usability of your eHealth tool.
  • Implementation: We can provide support for implementation of your Internet delivered intervention or your mHealth tool.


Initial consultation: 0 SEK

A first meeting is always free of charge. The aim of this meeting is to establish your needs and demands and to discuss how the eHealth Core Facility can support your study. Depending on the size and nature of your requirement, different pricing is applied (see below). Please contact us through iLab if you are interested in discussing your eHealth project. 

Small projects: 700 SEK/hour

For limited assignments (e.g. help with applications for funding) the eHealth Core Facility will charge an hourly fee.

Large projects: Fixed compensation

For larger projects and collaboration with the eHealth Core Facility (e.g. support in planning and implementing all parts of an eHealth study) a fixed compensation will be agreed upon.

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