BASS: Online data collection

The eHealth Core Facility provides services for easy and secure online participant registration and data collection.

How can collecting data online benefit my research project?

Our online data collection services offer several functions to facilitate the process of data collection and management of participants. Assessments can be scheduled for groups of participants for months or years in advance and automatic SMS and/or emails are sent to participants when assessments are activated to remind them to log in and complete them. Our system will keep reminding the participants for a configurable number of days and also flag participants who do not complete the assessments so that study administrators can identify non-responding participants and contact them. Custom algorithms can be used for flagging survey answers, for example suicidal thoughts. Study administrators will receive email reminders whenever they have unanswered messages or flagged participants that have not been handled. Patients can be searched and sorted according to many important characteristics, e.g., name, phone number, study id or number of completed treatment modules.

Our Online Data Collection services

The eHealth Core Facility offer the possibility for your project to use BASS; a platform for data collection online that is easy to use and can be modified to suit your study. BASS offers advanced technology for online registrations and collecting longitudinal survey data from participants. BASS also offers administrative support to facilitate participant and assessment management.

  • Online assessments: BASS offers advanced technology for collecting longitudinal survey data from participants. The platform can be configured to serve any type of survey within any timeframe (e.g. daily, weekly, two years after treatment completion). Clinical data such as case report forms can be stored (CRF). An advanced report generation tool allows for selective de-identified export of data from the database. The data can then be analyzed in any statistical software. Online study administrators can see longitudinal graphs of all assessments.
  • Online study participant registration: Through BASS, the eHealth Core Facility provide an easy way to manage your study participant registrations online. The service, available from the domain of your choice (, allows potential or confirmed participants to be presented with surveys that collect demographic and clinical information. The system provides automatic assignment of study ID and a secure handling of passwords.
  • A unique solution for your study? The eHealth Core Facility can develop custom-made software for data collection that is designed for your specific needs.


Initial consultation: 0 SEK

A first meeting is always free of charge. The aim of this meeting is to establish your needs and demands and to discuss how the eHealth Core Facility can support your study. Depending on the nature of your requirement, different pricing is applied (see below). Please contact us through iLab if you are interested in discussing your eHealth project.

Setup of online data collection:700 SEK/hour

The eHealth Core Facility applies an hourly fee for developing, modifying and the setup of your data collection.

Maintenance of online data collection: Fixed compensation

Depending on the size of you data collection (e.g. number of participants, number of time points, time span) a fixed compensation will be agreed upon.