Internet delivered interventions

Interested in creating and/or evaluating an Internet delivered intervention? The eHealth Core Facility provides support for development, content design, evaluation and implementation of your online intervention.

Why use the eHealth Core Facility for your online intervention study?

Internet delivered interventions, also known as online treatment or eTherapy, are treatment programs that are delivered to a participant over the Internet. Internet delivered cognitive-behavioral therapy has existed for somewhat 20 years and has been developed and tested for a wide variety of psychiatric and somatic conditions. Due to easy access and low cost, Internet delivered therapy offers an attractive alternative to traditionally delivered therapy for improving health.

How can we help you?

The eHealth Core Facility offers an easy and safe way to develop and test the behavior intervention of your choice. We have experience in designing online interventions as well as in usability testing and treatment evaluation. By offering a platform for creating and testing online treatment programs, BASS, we provide the structure you need to create a user-friendly intervention that is easy to administrate and maintain. BASS offers the possibility to enter multiple types of self-help material (e.g., texts, audio files, worksheets and homework assignments), which are then combined into treatment modules, with flexibility for individual participants within a treatment program. In BASS, the therapist/guide can interact with participants by answering questions, provide feedback on homework assignments and offer support and encouragement. A supervision function allows for continuous monitoring of guides/therapists, allowing a safe guiding of students by experienced professionals within the field. In summary, BASS is designed to be flexible and permit a variety of functions to suit the need of different users.

Our online treatment services

  • Setting up an online therapeutic intervention: We provide support for setup of the the eHealth intervention in your study.
  • Design: We can help you design your online treatment to suit the population of your study. We have experience in working with eHealth in young children, adolescents and adults with a wide variety of physical and psychiatric conditions.
  • Content: We can provide treatment content for promoting behavioral change in multiple fields (e.g. different psychiatric disorders, nutrition).
  • Usability testning: We can help you make sure the product is easy to use and suitable for your population.
  • Implementation: We can provide support for implementation of your Internet delivered intervention.


Initial consultation: 0 SEK

A first meeting is always free of charge. The aim of this meeting is to establish your needs and demands and to discuss how the eHealth Core Facility can support your study. Depending on the size and nature of your requirement, different pricing is applied (see below). Please contact us through iLab if you are interested in discussing your eHealth project.

Small projects: 700 SEK/hour

For limited assignments (e.g. workshop on Internet delivered interventions, content adaptation or usibility testing) the eHealth Core Facility will charge an hourly fee.

Large projects: Fixed compensation

For larger projects and collaboration with the eHealth Core Facility (e.g. support in all parts of the internet intervention study, including setting up and maintenance of an online treatment program) a fixed compensation will be agreed upon.