About uMOVE

The goal of the uMOVE core facility is to offer a state-of-the-art platform for the exploration of movement and behavior for researchers, teachers, students and clinicians via a multidisciplinary approach.

uMOVE is a joint collaboration between the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS) and the Women’s Health and Allied Health Professionals Theme at Karolinska University Hospital.

We offer services such as project design support, data collection, analysis and interpretation to simply renting out equipment and/or lab space. Our mission is to bring new knowledge about different perspectives of human movement control, for example by studying the impact of cognitive functions and emotions on movement control and activity in daily life.

uMOVE receives support from:

Core facilityTeam

Scientific Director

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Erika Franzén

Professor/Physical Therapist

Facility Manager

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David Moulaee Conradsson

Lecturer;Assistant Professor

Senior lab manager

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Lucian Bezuidenhout

Postdoctoral Researcher

Lab manager

Research Assistant

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Linda Jaktholm

Research Assistant

Steering committee

Maria Hagströmer (NVS) (Chair of the steering committee)

Linda Holmström (HP)

Emma Sjölund (HP)

Malin Nygren-Bonnier (NVS)

Erika Franzén (Scientific Director)

David Moulee Conradsson (Facility manager)

Advisory board

Andreas Olsson (Professor CNS)

Carl Johan Sundberg (Professor FyFa/LIME)

Joanna Kvist (Professor LiU)

Maria Ekblom (Docent/Lektor GIH)

Wim Grooten (Docent/Lektor NVS)

Eric Westman (Professor NVS)

Ing-Mari Dohrn (Adjunkt, NVS, SFO-v)

Åsa Dedering (Docent, Region Dalarna)

Contact uMOVE

Questions or if you wish to discuss an upcoming or ongoing research project? Please send an e-mail to: umove@ki.se

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