3D-EM - our offer

The 3D-EM Core Facility has high-end electron microscopes and sample preparation equipment for biological samples. The facility is primarily training-based, in that we will train you to operate the microscopes and instruments so you can collect your own data.

For data collection by staff, an additional 550 SEK/hr fee is charged on top of instrument fees. All our available instruments are listed below, as well as information regarding pricing and training.

Main areas/services

Available instruments

Electron microscopes

  • 120 kV LaB6 microscope: Talos 120C G2 with Ceta-D detector
  • 300 kV cold-FEG microscope: Krios G3i with Gatan K3 detector and Ceta-D detector.
  • Aquilos 2 cryo-FIB-SEM
  • Leica SP8 cryo-confocal microscope

Sample preparation

  • Vitrobot Mk 1
  • Vitrobot Mk 4
  • Leica EM ICE high pressure freezer
  • Glow discharger
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Leica ACE600 sputter coater
Photo-Cryo-confocal in 3D-EM Core Facility.
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Available instruments

Access and booking

Only registered users can have an access to the facility. Registration is to be completed on the 3D-EM Core Facility iLab site and must be approved by PI of the user. The PI provides each user with project number to facilitate monthly payment via iLab.

Teaching and training

We will arrange courses and workshops periodically. However, users are encouraged to receive individual TEM training followed by a test on the 120 kV Talos microscope following which, we will grant them card access to the facility. Once you have passed the test on the Talos and have access to the facility, you can be trained on other instruments as needed for your project.

Contact us at 3d-em@cmb.ki.se for more details.

Price for service

Prices for service and access for equipment currently available (including local overhead):
Internal External* Companies*
Aquilos 2 RT 3h 1 260 1 260 6 000
Aquilos 2 RT/cryo 24h 3 000 3 000 18 000
Krios 4h 2 400 2400 24 000
Krios 24h 6 000 6 000 60 000
Talos 120C 3h 720 720 7 200
SP8 cryo-confocal 24h 960 960 9 600
Vitrobot 2h 240 240 1 200
Leica EM ICE 6h 720 720 3 600

All prices include KI overhead. * External/company usage of the equipment requires facility manager/director support for setup/startup that is billed at 650 SEK per hour. Training time is free for KI personnel (plus standard instrument hourly costs) but charged at an additional 650 SEK per hour for external/companies. International academic customers pay double hourly microscope fees, all other costs same.