Psychiatric morbidity and mortality, substance abuse among migrants and descendants of migrants

The gaps in understanding the relation between migration and mental health remain a challenge as the effect of migration on mental health is complex, arising from multiple determinants.

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This area of research involves different new epidemiological aspects of migration including forced migration (for instance among asylum seekers and refugees) and schizophrenia and other non-affective psychotic disorders, bipolar disorders with and without psychotic features, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), suicide, and substance use disorder etc.

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Anna-Clara Hollander

Principal Researcher


James Kirkbride, , Affiliated to Research, EPiCSS Research Group

Jennifer Dykxhoorn,, Affiliated to Research, EPiCSS Research Group

Natalie Rich, Affiliated to Research, EPiCSS Research Group

Maki Morinaga, Phd student, PRIME Health Research Group

Syed Rahman, Affiliated to Research, Department of Clinical Neuroscience


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Hanna Mulder