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Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBI:s) have been included in the Swedish national guidelines for depression and anxiety management, and are increasingly being used in health-care. Our research on MBI:s encompasses several research projects:

One research project aims to test the effects of a program, “Training for Awareness, resilience and Action among Students” (STARA) for preventing stress, depression and anxiety and for increasing committed action and resilience among medical students. The development of the STARA program was inspired by MBI:s, but is a further development from MBI:s in several ways: Breath and synchronized slow movements are used to improve emotional self-regulatory skills and there is a focus on committed action, socio-ecological theory and inquiry. 

We have conducted a Randomized Controlled Trial testing a novel mindfulness based parental programme, which has in our shown good effects on reducing stress and depression in participating parents from pre- to post-intervention. The aim of this study was to examine whether this parental programme is more effective than usual maternal care in preventing adverse psychosocial and health consequences for the infant.

We have also conducted an implementation study of MBI:s in Swedish health care settings. A survey among providers in 20 of Sweden’s 21 regions showed that implementation is often not in line with national guidelines from Socialstyrelsen – MBI:s are modified in various ways that is not in line with the evidence base for these programs and a recommendation from our research to support integrity and fidelity of MBI implementation in Sweden, is that a strategic plan and good practice guidelines seem necessary. Also, an evidence-based stepped care model for implementation may work to ensure intervention fidelity in cases where time and funding constraints permit.

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