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Odd Fellow

The Odd Fellow Orden is a religiously and politically independent, worldwide organization with old traditions. The Odd Fellow has long had its stronghold in the Nordic countries, and Sweden has a leading position. In Sweden Odd Fellow currently operates 289 brother- and sister lodges, with almost 40 000 members.
SIGNIFICANT HUMANITARIAN ACTIVITIES are carried out by the Swedish Odd Fellow Orden. Some of the goals of the organization is to spread the principles of friendship, love and truth among all human beings.


Ever since founded in the service of enterprise nearly 160 years ago, we have played an active part in the development of the societies and markets in which we operate. We have long been the bank of choice for large corporate customers and institutions in Sweden and, increasingly, in the other Nordic countries.
Our way of doing business is based on understanding customers' needs from a long-term perspective and building close partnerships. At SEB we offer advisory services, high-quality products and services and share our expertise and know-how with customers. Together with our strong financial position this contributes to competitive and sustainable profitability, to the benefit of our shareholders.


Ekskäret Foundation grew out of a vision of financier and entrepreneur Thomas Björkman. Tomas wanted to create a platform that will inspire new kinds of meetings and conversations about life and society's major issues. The Foundation takes its name from the island Ekskäret in the Stockholm archipelago. The island has a meeting facility that was completed in 2011. The cornerstones of Ekskärets vision is a sustainable society, personal development and curious exploration. Our goal is to contribute to a change towards greater long-term sustainability, and we believe that we (and the world) can achieve this with the help of individuals who are curious, have an open mind and a willingness to evolve. Here you can read more about the island, the facility and the ideas behind its design.

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