About Center for Cellular Cancer Therapy (C3T)

We aim to expand competence and create an international competitive platform within the rapidly developing field of living drugs against cancer.

Cancer is the second most common cause of death in Sweden. Recent breakthroughs in cancer therapy, e.g. check-point blockade and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells, highlight the potency of the immune system in controlling and eradicating cancer, but also its limitations in combating many forms of solid tumors. Major efforts are needed to better target cancer and enhance the homing, persistence and function of effector immune cells, requiring close collaboration between basic and clinical scientists. 

With funding for recruiting excellent scientists and organizing networking activities from a Swedish Research Council initiative for Centers of Excellence, our goal is to create a vibrant multidisciplinary center that bridges expert knowledge in the biology of cytotoxic lymphocytes – immune cells that kill cancer cells – with that of good manufacturing practice compliant production and adoptive cell therapy in the clinic. Thereby, we will foster innovative new adoptive cell therapies focused on tumor-directed lymphocytes. 

A major emphasis will be on recruiting and supporting outstanding young principal investigators as well as postdoctoral researchers dedicated to engineering of lymphocytes for cellular therapy of cancer. Our activities will also encompass a program for internationally leading visiting scholars to invigorate discussions and innovation within our research constellation. Scholars will also contribute to teaching of workshops and graduate courses. Altogether, our efforts aim to expand competence and create an international leading platform within a rapidly developing field of living drugs against cancer.