Press releases 2024

Alligator Bioscience gets US patient for Neo-X-Prime™

Alligator Bioscience, one of the partners at NextGenNK, was granted first U.S. patent for Neo-X-Prime™, the bispecific antibody ATOR-4066 for Cancer Treatment. This antibody targets CD40 present in APCs and tumor antigens simultaneously. 


Zelluna moving into new clinical trial and new appointment

Zelluna Immunotherapy, a NextGenNK Partner appoints Dr Bent Jakobsen as Executive Chairman of the Board as the Company moves towards the clinic with a world’s first, “off the shelf” MAGE-A4 TCR-NK cell therapy.

One scientist is looking in a microscope another scientist is standing next to him. Both have yellow clothes.
Photo: Ulf Sirborn