Press releases 2022

XNK Therapeutics raises SEK 132 million to accelerate growth

XNK Therapeutics AB (“XNK”) announced on March 29th 2022 it has secured a private placement of SEK 132 million, to existing and new investors, led by Flerie Invest AB. The purpose of the issue is primarily to finance the company's clinical development in multiple myeloma and other indications. "XNK Therapeutics and the innovation ecosystem around Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm have long been at the forefront of clinical cell therapy development. We're excited to lead this round and use our network to further commercialise the company and in so doing bring cell therapies to more patients." said Ted Fjällman, partner at Flerie Invest. XNK is partner in NextGenNK.


One scientist is looking in a microscope another scientist is standing next to him. Both have yellow clothes.
Photo: Ulf Sirborn