Liver Academy at KI

The Liver Academy at KI is composed of research groups with a common interest in the liver. The vision of the Liver Academy is to connect all stakeholders interested in hepatology, leading to state of the art research, patient care and dissemination of knowledge.

Seminar Series Spring 2020
Date Venue Speaker 1 Title of speaker 1 Speaker 2 Title of spesker 2 presentation
2020-09-30 ANA Futura, Floor 9, Room "Von Behring" Hannes Hagström
2020-10-15 ANA Futura, Floor 9, Room "Von Behring" Andrea Ponzetta Benedikt Strunz TBA
2020-11-12 ANA Futura, Floor 9, Room "Von Behring" Sonia Youhanna SARS-CoV-2 infection of liver spheroids and the effects of Janus kinase inhibitors Robin Zenlander TBA
2020-11-23 ANA Futura, Floor 4, Room 4Q Qiang Wang TBA Catarina Lindqvist Energy expenditure early after liver transplantation: better measured than predicted
2020-12-08 ANA Futura, Floor 9, Room "Von Behring" Stephen Malin Stephen Malin Hannes Jansson

Seminar Series

We are organizing a seminar series, intended to increase interaction between clinicians and basic scientists. Seminars will be held roughly every other weeks on different weekdays. Time: 12.00-13.00

Lunch sandwiches will be provided.

For fall 2020, we will aim at streaming the seminar series to KI Campus, more info will follow

Lunch to lunch retreat

KI Liver Academy retreat, planned to the 5-6 October is unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation. We aim to hold the retreat in 2021, we are thankful for your understanding