Liver Academy at KI

The Liver Academy at KI is composed of research groups with a common interest in the liver. The vision of the Liver Academy is to connect all stakeholders interested in hepatology, leading to state of the art research, patient care and dissemination of knowledge.

Seminar Series 2021

We are organizing a seminar series, intended to increase interaction between clinicians and basic scientists. Seminars will be held roughly every other weeks on different weekdays.

Time: 12:00-13:00

If you would like an invitation to the seminars, please email us at and we'll add you to our email list.

Seminar Series Fall 2021
Date Venue Speaker 1 Title of speaker 1 Speaker 2 Title of speaker 2 presentation Host
2021-10-04 Zoom Aristeidis Grigoriadis MRI in PSC disgnosis and prognosis Valerio Azzimato The immunometabolic role of hepatic miR-144 in obesity Niklas Björkström
2021-10-20 Zoom Lisa Juntti-Berggren Can you eat fat and stay healthy- Wishful thinking or reality?  Jonas Teng Cholestasis in infants at risk Uwe Tietge
2021-11-02 Zoom Christina Villard Prospective surveillance of patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis for early detection of cholangiocarcinoma Emma Andersson TBA Per Stål
2021-11-16 Zoom Atabaki Pasdar TBA Axel Wester Risk of fractures and subsequent mortality in alcohol-related cirrhosis Hannes Hagström
2021-11-29 Zoom TBA TBA TBA TBA Volker Lauschke
2021-12-16 Zoom TBA TBA TBA TBA Ernesto Sparrelid

Steering committee

The steering committee is currently composed of the following members:

Emma Andersson

Myriam Aouadi

Niklas Björkström

Ewa Ellis

Hannes Hagström

Uwe Tietge

Ernesto Sparrelid

Per Stål

Volker Lauschke


Byambajav Buyandelger

Research engineer
H7 Department of Medicine, Huddinge