Lipid and Lipoprotein network

We started the Lipid and Lipoprotein Network at Flemingsberg Campus to bridge the gap between the bench and the clinics. The idea is to strengthen the connections between research groups by improving communication, data-sharing and accessibility to clinical resources.

Obesity-associated metabolic disorders such as type 2 diabetes, liver and cardiovascular diseases are reaching epidemic proportions world-wide. These diseases are initiated or promoted by lipid dysregulation in multiple metabolic organs. Deep understanding of the lipid metabolism is of particular importance, as lipid-modulating treatments are becoming increasingly promising strategies for manifesting multiple diseases as mentioned above.

The network uses a share-point based platform to exchange the group resources, we welcome all clinicians and basic scientists to join. Contact the organisers if you are interested.

Steering committee

Sara Straniero

Matteo Pedrelli

Rongrong Fan


The network is supported by CIMED network grant.

Upcoming events

Lipid and Lipoprotein Network day atFlemingberg Campus:
October 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the steering committee is evaluating the possibility to
postpone the meeting and find the best possible options to make this event happen.


The first Lipid and Lipoprotein Network workshop was held on 3 December 2019 at Långholmen Konferens. In the workshop, the network groups introduced their research expertise and clinical resources. Paired group discussion was also organised between basic research groups and clinicians to find potential collaboration opportunities. The meeting was a success.

1st Workshop of the LipidNetwork, 2019. Photo: Matteo Pedrelli
1st Workshop of the LipidNetwork, 2019. Photo: Matteo Pedrelli