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Research groups

Department of Neuroscience

Carmine Belin Laboratory

The objectives of our research is to investigate the potential molecular mechanisms behind cluster headache and the link to circadian rhythm and genetic factors. This will allow insight into pathogenic mechanisms of cluster headache and lead to the identification of targets in the development of novel and more efficient treatment strategies.

This project is performed by using and further extending a unique biobank of biological tissue and clinical data from patients with cluster headache and controls in Sweden.

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Andrea Carmine Belin

Principal Researcher

Department of Clinical Neuroscience

Christina Sjöstrand Research Group

Cluster headache, also a neurovascular headache, is one of the most severe pain syndromes described. In addition to our focus on stroke and migraine, we also have an interest in cluster headache. In terms of cluster headache and genetics, we participate in a collaboration led by Associate Professor Andrea Carmine Belin, Dept of Neuroscience, KI.

We also investigate the sickness pattern in cluster headache patients and collaborate with Professor Kristina Alexanderson at the Department of Insurance Medicine, Dept of Clinical Neuroscience, KI.

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Christina Sjöstrand

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Other members

Ann-Christin Karlsson


Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge

Medical Unit Neurology

Theme Heart, Vascular and Neuro

Elisabet Waldenlind

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