Centre for Cluster Headache - For patients

Would you like to participate in our clinical research projects as a research subject/trial subject? On this page you will find information about our studies and our contact details.

Did you know that one in ten persons suffers from cluster headache world-wide. That's 10000 persons in Sweden alone!

We are looking for research subjects for our studies on Cluster headache

At the Center for Cluster Headache, Karolinska Institutet we are conducting extensive research on cluster headache and other primary headache disorders in collaboration with the Neurology clinic at Karolinska University Hospital.

The aim of our research is to understand the cause of cluster headache and to improve the care and treatment of patients with cluster headache.


Fact 7: Did you know it can take several years for cluster headache patients to get the right diagnosis.

In order to perform our research, we need more study participants. Studying data and biological samples collected from patients and controls is key to be able to understand how the disease manifests, which biological differences can be linked to the disease and how these can be compensated.

Study participants leave a blood sample at the clinic and fill in a questionnaire about health and lifestyle. If you don’t have recurring headaches or another primary headache disorder e.g. migraine, you can participate as a control person. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any financial compensation.


If you want more information or want to participate in our studies, please contact