Department management - NVS

The department management supports the different units at the department, and handles administrative matters in the fields of human resources, finance, doctoral education administration, formal registrations, work environment and communication. Also the offices of the units FiH, PUF-V and SFO-V are included here.

For contact with the prefekt and executive management, please email to:

For contact with the financial unit at NVS, please email to the finance mail box.

For contact with the HR unit at NVS, please email to

Please send your errands or/and questions regarding registration and archiving to KI Syd's Registrator

Staff at the Department management


Head of Department 

Head of administration

Carin Ullman

Head of administration


For contact with the Head of Department and executive management, please email to:

Petra Helkala


Administration office for international project

Indu Motwani

Administrative officer


Annika Clemes

Communications officer


Hulya Kinali

Head of finances

Lina Adham

Accounting controller

Marie Aho Huotari

Accounting controller

Helin Koc

Accounting controller

James Bangura

Accounting controller


Mona Hellstadius

Head of HR (Parental leave)

Maria Staiger

Acting Head of HR

Alfred Nyeko

IT technician

Superintendence / Purchasing

Research school FiH, Doctoral programme PUF-V and Research collaboration SFO-V

Research School in Health Science (FiH)

The programme for doctoral education in health care science (PUF-V) 

Strategic Research Area in Care Sciences (SFO-V)


Postal address

Karolinska Institutet
Department of neurobiology, care sciences and society
Central administration, section D3
Fack 23400
SE-141 83 Huddinge 

Visitors and Deliverance address

Zanderska Huset, Alfred Nobels Allé 23, section D3, 141 52 Huddinge (Flemingsberg)

Fax number 08-524 868 09

Content reviewer:
Annika Clemes