NVS Executive Management

The executive management include the head and vice-heads of department, the head of administration, the head of finances, the head of HR, the departmental educational coordinator (GUA), the departmental graduate studies coordinator (FUA) and the administrative coordinator.

The management group meet every other Monday (even weeks), at 8.00-10.00 am.

Contact the Executive Management

The Head of Department receives many e-mail and messages daily. In order to increase the access, please use the e-mail address prefekt@nvs.ki.se for all your questions such as urgent matters, signatures and appointments. The mailbox is checked daily. 

To be able to serve you in the best way, if possible, kindly submit documents for signature at least three working days before your deadline.

Applications to the Swedish Ethical Review Authority

Applications for ethical review are to be sent directly to Ethix, the digital applications system of the Swedish Ethical Review Authority.
You do not need to send any application materials to NVS prefekt.

Docent application

  • Compile a pdf of application according to checklist.
  • Write a draft recommendation letter from head of department in MS Word format with help from your Head of Division. Updated instructions coming up during Autumn 2022.
  • E-mail your complete application to prefekt@nvs.ki.se


Members of the Executive Management Group

Head of Department

Vice/Acting Head of Department

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Eric Westman

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Malin Nygren-Bonnier

Senior Lecturer/Physcial Therapist

Departmental Educational Coordinator (GUA)

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Maria Hagströmer

Professor/Physical Therapist

Departmental Graduate Studies Coordinator (FUA)

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Erik Sundström

Principal Researcher

Head of Administration

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Carin Ullman

Head of Administration

Head of Finances

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Hulya Kinali

Head of Finances

Head of HR

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Mona Hellstadius

Head of HR (Parental leave)
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Maria Staiger

Acting Head of HR


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Petra Helkala


Managemant assignments in collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital

Erika Franzén is appointed to represent KI in Theme Women's Health and Allied Health Professionals.

Dorota Religa, is appointed to represent KI in Theme Inflammation and Aging.

Postal and Visitor's addresses

Postal Address

Karolinska Institutet
Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society
Department Management, level 3, section D
Alfred Nobels Allé 23
SE-141 83 Huddinge

Visiting and Delivery Address

NVS Department management
Section D3 (level 3, section D)
Zanderska huset, Alfred Nobels Allé 23
SE-141 52 Huddinge (Flemingsberg)

Fax number:+46 8 585 868 65

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