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Welcome to the Department of Neurobiology, Care sciences and Society (NVS)

Geographically, the divisions of NVS are located on Campus Flemingsberg, in NEO (Clinical geriatrics and some parts of Neurogeriatrics) and in Alfred Nobels Allé 23 with divisions of Family medicine, Nursing, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy and the Department management. Last, but not least, on Campus Solna the Division of Aging Research Center (ARC) is located in Widerströmska building, Tomtebodavägen 18A and the Division of Neurogeratrics in Bioclinicum.

Contact the Executive Management

Our Head of Department gets every day many e-mail and messages. In order to increase the access and the possibility for our employees to reach the Department Management we now introduce a new mail address. Please use this email for all your questions and concerns for, ex. urgent matters, signatures, meeting appointments etc. These mails will be read daily by the Executive Management and its coordinator. E-mail to the Executive Management at NVS:

Head of Administration

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Carin Ullman

Head of Administration


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Petra Helkala


Financial matters

Please send any questions or emails of other financial nature to the NVS Economy Mailbox:


HR matters

Please send any questions or emails of HR nature to the NVS HR Mailbox:


Registrator at NVS

Nowadays it is a cohesive archive and registry for the departmental group KI South. From March 1, 2020, the unit Archive and registery at University Services (UF) will register documents on NVS behalf.

The new shared mailbox to be used for archives- and registry issues is

Invoice address

Note that a reference code ZZ H1xxx xxx must be stated on invoices to KI.

Karolinska Institutet
Box 23 109
SE-104 35 Stockholm

Karolinska Institutet's organization number is 202100-2973.

Addresses to the Executive Management

Postal address

Karolinska Institutet
Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society
Department Management, D3
Fack 23400
SE-141 83 Huddinge

Visiting- and Delivery address

Department Management
Alfred Nobels allé 23, D3 (floor 3)
campus Huddinge (Flemingsberg)

Fax number: 08-524 868 09

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