Elisabet Åkesson group

Human Neural Lesion, Repair and Rehab

Experimental research focus

Our interest is central nervous system lesions including spinal cord injury and treatment strategies to counteract neurodegenerative processes. We develop and utilize novel and unique model systems to evaluate specifically human spinal cord injury processes and repair strategies. In addition, we study host donor interactions including allogeneic responses to human neural cell therapy.

We perform organotypic spinal cord slice cultures as well as co-cultures including human neural cells, glial cell populations and/or human peripheral blood mononuclear cells to follow spinal cord injury processes and interactions between the injured spinal cord and potential donor neural cells.

Photo: Calzarossa & Åkesson

We have the opportunity to compare human neural cells of various origins and from stem cell stage to more differentiated phenotypes concerning their immunocompetence and potential in neural cell therapy. In collaborations with others we utilize our cell and tissue slice systems to evaluate various biomaterials as support in regenerative medicine as well as develop new techniques in the expansion of neural cells for clinical application, such as the patented device Biogrid (PMID: 21850297). The laboratory is located in Bioclinicum Karolinska Institutets at North Campus in Solna.

Experimental research group members

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Elisabet Åkesson

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Clinical research focus


We also perform clinical research in the field of nervous system lesions, neurodegenerative disorders, rehabilitation as well as primary care. We participate in the international clinical trial TransEuro & BOOSTB4.

Clinical rehabilitation research is ongoing at Stiftelsen Stockholms Sjukhem where Elisabet Åkesson is Head of R&D as well as clinical physician at Rehabilitation, Stockholms Sjukhem.

Examples of clinical research studies at Rehabilitation Care, Stockholms Sjukhem (SSH) and https://www.stockholmssjukhem.se/topplankar/forskning-och-utbildning

  • Make My Day: Value Based Client Centered and ICT-supported primary and secondary stroke prevention and rehabilitation after stroke, PI Eric Asaba, Ann-Helen Patomella & Susanne Guidetti
  • Stroke, Rehabilitative training and tactile massage, PI Elisabet Åkesson
  • Implementation of HiBalance training/ Förbättrad balans och fysisk aktivitet hos äldre - implementering av ett utmanande och progressivt träningsprogram, PI Erika Franzén
  • Oral screens in post stroke training: a randomized clinical trial, PI, Gunilla Sandborgh Englund, KI
  • Etablering av långsiktigt stöd efter förvärvad hjärnskada: Implementering och erfarenheter av Hjärna Tillsammans, PI Lena von Koch, Malin Tistad, Susanne Guidetti, Elisabet Åkesson
  • DISKO: An interactive distance solution for stroke rehabilitation in the home setting, PIs E Åkesson & Susanne Palmcrants, Danderyds Hospital, Rehabilitation Medicine Clinic.


Selected scientific publications


Xiaofei Li, Zaneta Andrusivova, Paulo Czarnewski, Alma Andersson, Christoffer Mattsson Langseth, Daniel Gyllborg, Emelie Braun; Ludvig Larsson, Lijuan Hu, Zjanna Alekseenko, Helena Kopp Kallner, Elisabet Åkesson, Igor Adameyko, Mats Nilsson, Sten Linnarsson, Joakim Lundeberg and Erik Sundström. Decoding spatiotemporal gene expression of the developing human spinal cord and implications for ependymoma origin". Nature Neuroscience. 2022 Nov 25. Accepted. BioRxiv: doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2022.08.31.505986

Return to work after COVID-19: Experiences and expectations from the first wave of COVID-19 in Stockholm.
Asaba E, Farias L, Åkesson E
PLoS One 2022 ;17(12):e0279000

A genome-wide association study with tissue transcriptomics identifies genetic drivers for classic bladder exstrophy.
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'Weaving lifestyle habits': Complex pathways to health for persons at risk for stroke.
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In Vitro Study of Human Immune Responses to Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels, Recombinant Spidroins and Human Neural Progenitor Cells of Relevance to Spinal Cord Injury Repair.
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