Youth Aware of Mental health (YAM)

In Stockholm County, the Youth Aware of Mental health (YAM) program is currently being implemented - a school-based programme for school students in which they learn about and discuss mental health.

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Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM) is a program for school students that promotes discussion and develops skills to meet life's difficulties and increase knowledge about mental health. The program has proven effective in a study including over 11,000 school students in ten EU countries.

YAM promotes the development of problem-solving ability and emotional intelligence, such as how to deal with one's own and others' feelings, relationships and empathy. Students get information about mental health-promoting lifestyles and how to help themselves and their friends.

The target group for the program is school students aged 14-16. The training is led by instructors trained by the National Center for Suicide Research and Prevention (NASP). The school's own staff does not participate in the program.

YAM is implemented by NASP together with Region Stockholm.


Niklas Andersson

Affiliated to research

Responsible for the program in Stockholm County

Karolinska Institutet

Danuta Wasserman


Region Stockholm

Gergö Hadlaczky


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