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Welcome to the Sotiriou Lab, based in the Department of Microbiology, Tumor and Cell Biology at Karolinska Institutet. We are a research group with focus in Nanoparticle Engineering for Biomedicine.

Our mission is to develop materials, devices, tools and methods for medicine using engineering sciences. Our key focus is on flame aerosol engineering of smart nanoscale materials and devices investigating the parameters that influence their performance in theranostics. Our approach is highly multidisciplinary combining expertise from material engineering, bioengineering and health sciences. This allows for the design of bionanomaterials that exhibit the desired functionality in applications ranging from biosensing to therapeutic interventions.

Illustration from Sotriou Lab
Sotriou Lab illustration

Nanoscale Material and Device Engineering for Biomedicine

Our mission is to develop the next generation of materials, tools and methods for biomedicine using core engineering sciences. Our approach is highly multidisciplinary bringing expertise from material and process engineering to health sciences. This allows for the design and engineering of biomaterials that exhibit the desired functionality in applications ranging from diagnostics to therapeutic interventions.

A picture of a spray pyrolysis reactor
Flame spray pyrolysis reactor.

We focus on scalable flame aerosol manufacturing (using a flame spray pyrolysis reactor, shown right) of smart nanoscale materials and devices and tune their properties, targeting superior performance in theranostics.

The focus of our research program at KI lies on studying the physicochemical properties of nanomaterials made by aerosol processes and then applying this fundamental understanding to tailor functional particles and particle-enabled devices for diagnosis and precision therapies of diseases. The three main research pillars of our lab regard the (i) nanoparticle engineering for in vitro and in vivo diagnostics, (ii) the fabrication of medical devices capitalizing on aerosol nanoparticle self-assembly on surfaces combining particle synthesis and particle film fabrication in a single-step, and (iii) the utilization of nanoparticles as drug nanocarriers.

A picture of buildings from Sotiriou Lab
Sotiriou Lab
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