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Georgios Sotiriou Laboratory - Bionanomaterial Technology

Our mission is to develop materials, devices, tools and methods for medicine using engineering sciences. Our key focus is on flame aerosol engineering of smart nanoscale materials and devices investigating the parameters that influence their performance in theranostics. Our approach is highly multidisciplinary combining expertise from material engineering, bioengineering and health sciences.

Photo: Erik Flyg

How to make nanoparticles with fire

How to make nanoparticles with fire

Georgios Sotiriou and his research group at the Karolinska Institute spray small droplets into a flame reactor to form nanoparticles. In this way they can control the properties in detail of the particles. The nanoparticles can be used in a variety of areas, from antibacterial coatings on medical equipment to protecting and transporting medicines to the right places in the body. Watch the movie with one of the Future's Research Leaders here!

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