Research groups and teams at the Center for Infectious Medicine (CIM)

Here you find a list of all research groups and teams at the Center for Infectious Medicine (CIM), in A-Z order.

Niklas Björkström research group

Niklas Björkström

Professor/specialist physician

Susanna Brighenti research group

Susanna Brighenti

Principal researcher

Marcus Buggert research group

Marcus Buggert

Assistant professor

Malin Flodström-Tullberg research group

Sara Gredmark Russ research group

Sara Gredmark Russ

Adjunct senior lecturer

Jonas Klingström research group

Jonas Klingström

Affiliated to research

Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren research group

Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren

Professor/senior physician

Kalle Malmberg research group

Karl-Johan Malmberg

Principal researcher

Jakob Michaëlsson research group

Jakob Michaelsson

Principal researcher

Jenny Mjösberg research group

Anna Norrby-Teglund research group

Johan Sandberg research group

Mattias Svensson research group

Mattias Svensson

Principal researcher

Tim Willinger research group

Tim Willinger

Principal researcher
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