Infectious Diseases and Dermatology Unit

The research at the unit is focused around studies on how the interplay between humans and micro-organisms results in disease and how this can be treated and prevented.

About our research

The unit operates at Department of Medicine, Huddinge and is located at the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge. 

Our research ranges from experimental to clinical oriented research with focus on translational aspects. The experimental research includes for example viral pathogenesis, antimicrobial resistance mechanisms, identification of biomarkers and molecular viral epidemiology.

The clinical research includes trials of anti-viral and anti-bacterial treatment, and vaccines, as well studies on the impact of infections on non-communicable diseases. In addition, we are involved in national and international cohort-studies with large patient-material using big-data and data-lakes. A strong commitment is collaborative research with partners in low-middle income countries. Our strategy is to be a leading translational research hub through which new treatments and diagnostics rapidly can be applied into clinical care.

Research areas include:

  • Microbial immunopathogenesis
  • Antiviral/ antibacterial therapy
  • Impact of gut och respiratory microbiota
  • Clinical bacterial infections
  • HIV research
  • Hepatitis research
  • Clinical trials/ Cohort studies
  • Global Health, Epidemiology
  • Infections in non-HIV immunocompromised hosts
  • Travel- and migration related infections
  • Skin diseases

Head of Unit

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Anders Sönnerborg

Professor/Senior Physician

Unit administrator

Mary Hyll

Educational Administrator


​Unit for Infectious Diseases and Dermatology, I73, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, 141 86 Stockholm, Sweden

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