Contact undergraduate education MedH

Here you find a list of contacts for the undergraduate education at the Department of Medicine, Huddinge.

Responsible for undergraduate education, MedH

The responsible for undergraduate education (GUA) at MedH is responsible for ensuring that all educational activities at the department are of a high quality. GUA is an active member of the department's management group, and also Chairman of the Board of Education (UN) at MedH.

For more information about undergraduate education at MedH, please see the Swedish site

Agneta Månsson-Broberg

Responsible for undergraduate education (GUA)

Responsible for courses

Jonas Sunden-Cullberg

Responsible for the Infection course, Clinical Medicine

Johan Hoffstedt

Coordinator for Medical Diagnostics (Disease and Illness 2 course)

Anna Freyschuss

Responsible for the student elective courses (SVK)

Stefan Deneberg

Responsible for the General Medicine for dentists course

Bo Freyschuss

Responsible for the Complementary Programme for foreign physicians (KUL)

Education administration

Yvonne Edlund

Administrator for Medical Diagnostics (Disease and Illness 2 course)

Mary Hyll

Administrator for the infection course, Clinical Medicine

Karin Sendek

Administrator for Clinical Medicine semester 5 and 6

Ulrika Markne

Administrator for Complementary Programme for foreign physicians