Intervention Vitala, Neo-ACT

Participants randomised to the exercise group will complete a total of 120 min exercise sessions (at least 20 min per session) per week from initiation of NACT to surgery (approx. five months) via a mobile application.

Participants will receive instructions by an exercise physiologist or physiotherapist and perform training via the individualised training mobile application Vitala, supported by contact with a local physiotherapist/physiologist and remotely via phone. The Vitala mobile phone application provides exercise instructions and support and measures program adherence and symptom reporting. Videos of variations of the resistance training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises are included in the app and are individually adapted to each participant. Initial exercise intensity will be individually tailored to each patient’s fitness at baseline and rate of perceived exertion during the program and adapted if required.

Vitala Manual, svenska


Lilian Pagrot