Ph.D. Dissertations and Half-Time controls

At this time, there are no scheduled Ph.D. dissertations or half-time controls. Please check back soon for updates on upcoming dissertations within our research group.

For information about past Ph.D. dissertations, visit the Defended Ph.D. Theses section.

Half-time control for Karoline Scholzen 

Karoline Scholzen, a Ph.D. student in our group, will present her half-time seminar "Fluorogenic probes for single cell redox signalling" on March 28. Here's more information about the half-time seminar: 

Date: 03/28/2024 

Time: 9:00 am 

Place: Biomedicum B0812 

The half-time seminar will also be streamed via Zoom. You can join the seminar using the following link: 

You can also download Karoline's half-time review here: