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Using benchmarking to improve the performance of healthcare

As healthcare is mainly organized by non-market principles, signals about the performance are omitted. In environments such as this benchmarking becomes a useful tool to compare and reveal differences in the performance of various health systems, healthcare services, and healthcare policies.

Aim of the project

The overall research aim with this project is to study the performance of healthcare in Sweden and to show the potential for improvement by using benchmarking. Three important aspects of the performance will be considered; productivity, efficiency and healthcare outcomes. The applied methods will offer policy makers and healthcare providers insight into the performance, and, thereby, of where gains in productivity, efficiency and outcomes might be achieved.

Results in brief

The aim of the first sub-study was to compare healthcare performance for the surgical treatment of hip fractures across and within seven European countries, including Sweden. Variations in mortality rates and length of stay were observed and they were largely explained by country-specific effects rather than by regional-level factors. The results show that there should still be room for efficiency gains in the acute treatment of hip fracture, and clinicians, healthcare managers, and politicians should learn from best practices.

In the second sub-study, the aim was to analyze the development in productivity between 2005 and 2012, in Sweden, in the provision of total hip arthroplasty. The results indicate an average increase in productivity of 1.4% per year, where the improvement was mainly due to changes in cost efficiency (1.1%) than changes in technology (0.2%).

Continued work

This is an ongoing project which is expected to finish in 2021.

Reports and publications

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Contact person

Fanny Goude

PhD Student
Unit for Health Economics and Policy
C7 Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics