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Administration council

The administration council assists with financial- student- and staff related issues.

The administrative manager has the overall financial responsibility at the department and also managing the administration council group. Our financial group has an unique control and long experience in managing the department finances and the personnel supervisor will assist in any personnel matters at an individual-, group-, management- or division level. The communicator is responsible for our external and internal webpages in combination with assisting the head of the department, while the student office supports students and teachers in all matters regarding education for some of the programs at KI.


Marjan Amiri Samordnare

08-524 837 86

  Hermon Berhane Ekonomiansvarig

08-524 836 77

Marie Björklund Ekonom

08-524 879 92

  Sara Ceven Ekonomihandläggare

08-524 837 22

Michael Davoren Tekniker

08-524 800 65

Jenny Degerholm Langsmo Administrativ chef

08-524 837 04

Hanna Gador (fd Eriksson) Avdelningsadministratör

08-524 875 43

Mikael Hammarstedt Samordnare

08-524 838 42

  Ulla Hedebrant Biomedicinsk analytiker

Britt Isaksson Studievägledare

08-524 881 80

Arja Kramsu Utbildningsadministratör

08-524 836 44

Rasmus Larsson Tekniker

Martina Lystedt Personalansvarig

08-524 887 09

Ingela Norström Utbildningsadministratör

08-524 837 87

Anna Rönnbäck Personalansvarig

08-524 837 05

Christina Sundqvist (Sandström) Kommunikatör

08-524 869 70

  Staffan Törestad Arkivarie

Mona Wahlström Utbildningsadministratör

08-524 837 09

Lena Wallin Redovisningsansvarig

08-524 837 57

Naradja Wissmar Administratör


Administration council is located at Alfred Nobels Allé 8, 8th floor
Student office is located at Alfred Nobels Allé 10,  3rd floor 




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