Work environment and Local collaboration at KBH

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The work environment group at KBH manages a proactive and systematic work environment task.

The work environment group meets at least twice a semester and supports the department head in conducting safety inspections, preparing action plans for the work environment and in being the link between the Department, the Work Environment Committee, the Employer Health Care and the Student Health Care at KI.

The group’s chairman is also the Department’s representative in environmental and sustainable development group.

Members of the Working Environment Group


Christine Carlsson-Skwirut


Sandra Brogårde  
Karin Björström  
Therese Cedervall  
Cecilia Dominguez  
Lotta Elfman  
Jennifer Frithiof    
None-Marie Kemp  
Lars Ottosson  
Anna Pilfalk  
Lena Scott  
Dorina Ujvari

Members of the Local Collaboration Group

Olle Söder, Head of department
Sandra Brogårde, Head of administration
Lars-Ährlund-Richter, "Samverkansgruppen" (SACO)