Organisation and Management at the Department of Dental Medicine and the University Dental Clinic

The Department of Dental Medicine and the University of Dental Clinic share both management and many employees.

The chart shows two organisations that share management. The first organisation has got two supporting divisions and three other divisions. The other one has got one supporting unit and seven clinics.
Organisational chart of Department of Dental Medicine and University Dental Clinic, that share management. Photo: N/A

Divisions and units at The Department of Dental Medicine 

Except the supporting Administrative Division and Office for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Education, the department has three divisions with two units each:

  • Division of Oral Diseases 
    • Cariology and Endodontics Unit
    • Oral Health and Periodontology Unit
  • Division of Oral Diagnostics and Rehabilitation
    • Oral Diagnostics and Surgery Unit
    • Oral Rehabilitation Unit
  • Division of Orthodontics and  Paediatric Dentistry
    • Orthodontic Unit
    • Paediatric Dental Unit

Clinics at the University Dental Clinic

The University Dental Clinic has six clinics and one supporting unit:

  • Unit for Clinical Support
  • Oral Diagnostics Clinic
  • Clinic for Prevention and Treatment of Oral Disease
  • Oral Rehabilitation Clinic
  • Orthodontic Clinic
  • Child and Adolescent Dental Clinic
  • Specialist Dental Clinic
  • Faculty Dental Practice

Management group of the Department of Dental Medicine and the University Dental Clinic


Bodil Lund, Professor and Head of Department


  • Patricia De Palma, Head of University Dental Clinic
  • Åsa Diberius, Head of Administration
  • Georgios Tsilingaridis, Associate Senior Lecturer and Head of Orthodontics and Paedodontics
  • George Belibasakis, Professor, Head of Research, Head of International Affairs and Head of Division of Oral Diseases
  • Karin Garming Legert, Lecturer and GUA

Management council of the Department of Dental Medicine and the University Dental Clinic

The task of the management council is to provide feedback to the management from the organisation and to act as an advisory group. Current events are discussed and feedback and views are given. Meetings are held once a month.


Bodil Lund, Professor and Head of Department


  • Annsofi Johannsen, Professor and Director of the Dental Hygienist Programme
  • Nikolaos Christidis, Senior Lecturer, Senior Dentist, Docent, Director of the Dentistry programme 
  • Kåre Buhlin, Director of studies postgraduate education
  • Nikita Maluenda, Clinical supervisor representative
  • Eija Gillberg, Dental Assisstant representative
  • Michelle Lau, teachers representative Dental hygienist programme
  • Peggy Näsman, teachers representative Dentistry programme
  • Nadia Welander, ST representative
  • Joannis Grigoriadis, chief representative
  • Maria Roos, Administrator representative
  • Maxine Waters, Student representative
  • Jesper Dalum, doctoral student representative
  • Kicki Carlsson, communications officer
  • Sara Malmström, secretary
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