About the Department of Dental Medicine

The Department of Dental Medicine (Dentmed) conducts research and offers education at first and third level in dentistry and dental hygiene/oral health. In addition, the University Dental Clinic offers a student clinic open to the public where students practice supervised by experienced instructors. Our programmes are internationally top-ranked and attract students and researchers from all corners of the world. Our vision is to improve people’s oral health and overall quality of life.


The Department of Dental Medicine conducts broad ranging research in the field of oral health with the objective of contributing to the improvement of human oral health and preventing and treating oral disease.

The KI South Campus in Huddinge offers excellent opportunities for conducting dental and oral health research of the highest international standard. The world-class ANA Futura research facility accommodates cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure and hosts five Departments of the KI South Campus, including Dental Medicine. Its proximity to the Neo research facility, the Centre for Bioinformatics and Biostatistics (CBB), Karolinska University Hospital (KS) in Huddinge, and Södertörn University College helps to create a unique, creative, interactive and dynamic environment.

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The Department of Dental Medicine conducts education at first (Bachelor's) and third (Doctoral) level. We currently have some 500 first-level students and 40 doctoral students.

First cycle (Bachelor's) education

Most of our educational activities take place at first level on the study programmes in dentistry and dental hygiene. The department also has responsibility for the continuation courses on the dental hygiene study programme, with a particular focus on periodontal disease and implant treatments.

Third cycle (Doctoral) education

The doctoral programme, with its equivalent of four years full-time study and resulting PhD, is the highest possible academic degree in Sweden. The Department of Dental Medicine conducts doctoral education in oral science, admissions to which are handled directly by the department. The programme comprises 20 weeks of formal education and research under the supervision of one of the department's clinical or experimental units.

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Our Swedish web site

For more information, visit our Swedish web site: ki.se/dentmed

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