We train scientists and healthcare professionals of the future

We train the scientists and healthcare professionals of the future. When you or a loved one falls ill, you want to feel certain that you are receiving the very best care and personal treatment. Sweden offers world-class healthcare with highly skilled practitioners and a culture of medical quality. Karolinska Institutet is Sweden’s only university specialised in medicine and annually ranks among the best in the world.

With its rich prospectus of education programmes spanning many healthcare professions, our prospective doctors, nurses, biomedical scientists, physiotherapists and medical informatics professionals begin working together already during their student years.

This gives them the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary teams even before they embark on their careers, which prepares the ground for a holistic approach to healthcare that treats the patient as a whole person rather than just an accumulation of disparate diagnoses. Early patient contact as well as an interprofessional and inspirational pedagogical approach provide unique conditions for the further advancement of healthcare.

The multicultural classroom brings together students from many different perspectives and backgrounds, creating a dynamic environment that greatly enhances education and Karolinska Institutet’s competitiveness.

Our extensive international contact network makes us uniquely placed to prepare our students for a global labour market with a wide variety of economic and social conditions, and gives them experience working in
multicultural environments.

If Sweden is to retain its leading global status in health and welfare, its healthcare services must continuously improve. We contribute to this through research and quality improvement. Our proximity to outstanding research environments sets Karolinska Institutet apart from many other universities.

Giving students in all programmes early and continuous opportunities to engage in research is vital to their future growth, and to the innovative development of new diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.