Research for a better quality of life

One of Karolinska Institutet’s notable strengths lies in its seamless integration of clinical and registry-based research with molecular investigations. This interdisciplinary approach has established our institution as a global leader in the study of inflammation, encompassing inflammatory brain and skin diseases, as well as rheumatology.

Our researchers are renowned for their expertise in discerning the precise roles of different components of the immune system in various chronic diseases.

We are now entering a phase where, for the first time, we have the capability to develop treatments targeted specifically at these distinct immune components. One promising strategy involves "vaccinating" against inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and multiple sclerosis (MS). Notably, a vaccine designed to alleviate grass and cat allergies has shown significant efficacy in clinical trials, requiring only three injections compared to the previous regimen of 50 to 80 injections over three to five years.

Chronic diseases for longer

Inflammation typically arises in response to external injury or irritation in tissues. While acute inflammations often resolve swiftly, chronic inflammatory conditions underlie many prevalent diseases such as RA and asthma.

These conditions can affect individuals of any age and frequently lead to disability and compromised quality of life. With longer life expectancies and higher birth rates, an increasing number of people are living longer with these chronic diseases.