Research for a better quality of life

Karolinska Institutet’s strength is that we combine clinical and registry-based research with molecular research. The close connection between clinical and experimental research has given us a very strong international standing in inflammation in general and inflammatory brain and skin diseases, as well as rheumatology in particular.

Our researchers are global leaders in understanding exactly which parts of the immune system cause different chronic diseases.

We are currently entering a phase when, for the first time, we are able to develop treatments targeted specifically at these different parts. One strategy, for instance, is to “vaccinate” against different inflammatory diseases such as RA and MS. Furthermore, a vaccine that cures grass and cat allergies after only three injections as opposed to the earlier 50 to 80 injections over a three to five year period has already proved highly efficacious in clinical trials. 


Inflammation appears in a tissue normally following an external injury or irritation. Acute inflammations often heal quickly, but many common diseases such as RA and asthma are caused by chronic inflammatory conditions.

These diseases can strike anyone of any age, and often cause disability and impaired quality of life. Our longer life expectancy and higher birth rate mean that more people are living longer with these chronic diseases.