How to get involved in KI Alumni

Whatever form your involvement may take, engaging in KI Alumni always means supporting the progress of both KI students and the development of vital research within health and medicine.

KI Alumni Linda Atulinda and Allan Bakesiga
KI Alumni Linda Atulinda and Allan Bakesiga. Photo: Peter Bergman

Join the network and follow our LinkedIn

To get involved in the network, you must first join KI Alumni. By joining, you become part of a contact database where we can reach you with focused invitations for events and our newsletter. We also share news, alumni engagement and offers. In addition, you get a free subscription to the KI magazine Medicinsk Vetenskap, provided you are based in Sweden.

Our secondary platform is the KI Alumni LinkedIn. There, you can reach alumni and other contacts connected to KI with an interest in career, lectures, news and events.

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Become a KI Alumni Ambassador

We believe in personal contacts to build stronger connections, engagement, and initiative. The global and professional alumni network of Karolinska Institutet has immense potential, and to make sure you don't miss out on any opportunities to share that potential and get involved, we will from now on be working with official KI Alumni Ambassadors connected to specific regions and/or focused networks.

The KI Alumni Ambassadors

Become a KI Alumni Profile

We are always looking for alumni willing to tell their stories and share their experiences, ambitions and memories. We use our alumni profiles to promote alumni engagement and the global alumni network by sharing the profiles on our webpage, in our newsletter and on social media along with a picture of your choosing. This helps us understand what motivates you as an alum, what your time at KI meant to you and what your plans are for the future.

Register as a KI Alumni Profile

Give Alumni Lectures

Our regular Alumni Lecture Series has grown in popularity and we continue to aim for relevant talks with hard questions, where we try to achieve both breadth as well as depth, with interesting alumni as guest lecturers. Alumni can be a source of knowledge, expertise and network, and our lectures hope to inspire the network and promote health, science, knowledge and collaboration. An opportunity for alumni, students and researchers to meet, interact, grow and expand their network. 

If you are interested in giving a guest lecture, please send an e-mail to

Partake in a mentorship

A mentorship can be a short meet-up over coffee or a longer commitment with regular meetings with another alum, a current student or a researcher at KI. Regardless of the form, it could make a huge difference for the one who gets to take part in a KI alum's experience and guidance.

KI Alumni can facilitate mentorships in two ways:

  1. You can register as a potential mentor or mentee by contacting KI Alumni then provides a one-to-one matching upon request from mentees.
  2. You can register as a mentor or mentee for the KI Career Services Mentoring Platform. It has an automatic matching system for those interested in mentorship within PhD and postdoc. They also cater to Master's and Bachelor's students to a limited degree.

Offer internships

Similar to mentorship, internships could be a way to give back to KI - an offer of experience, industry insights, support and expertise. These are important factors that might prove crucial for a future as a doctor, researcher, entrepreneur, midwife, nurse or occupational therapist. 

If you are interested in offering an internship for alumni, current students, or researchers at KI please send an e-mail to

Arrange Alumni Reunions

Reunions can be an amazing way to meet old friends and reminisce over your time at KI. It can also be a source for further progress and career. If you are interested in hosting a reunion we might be of assistance and all you have to do is contact us through the form below and we can have a discussion about how to best proceed.

Arrange an Alumni Reunion

Support the research at KI

Traditionally, it is not uncommon for there to be alumni counted among those who choose to support a university, its educational programs and research done at Karolinska Institutet. It is a very concrete way of giving back as an alum, and that type of generosity can come from a number of drives and motivations. If you want to get involved with KI by supporting financially in some way you are welcome to contact the Development Office at KI.

Development Office

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