Whom to contact for questions related to international collaboration?

Karolinska Institutet is an international university and hence many units within the university are involved in international matters and can respond to different questions related to international relations.

Academic coordinators

The academic coordinators promote KI's education and research activities at universities and institutions abroad.

Alumni Office

KI Alumni strives to connect and maintain contact with national and international alumni through news, events and valuable services.

Internationalisation at the study programme level

Each study programme has assigned a person responsible for internationalisation.

The International Relations Office

The International Relations Office is involved in strategic issues, project management, contract management and information regarding internationalisation. International visits and events at management level as well as issues related to tuition fees and scholarships are coordinated by the unit.

International student coordinators

The international student coordinators support in- and outgoing programme students in matters related to mobility.

Press Office

The Press Office handles inquiries from journalists about the university; management, scientists, teachers and other experts.

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