The MR center

The MR center is a core facility that handles the MR research capacity at the neuroradiology clinic. It is equipped with a 3 Tesla GE MR750 Discovery owned by Karolinska institute thanks to a generous donation from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in 2010.
Here you can find updates and information about MR center: organisation, wiki, courses, events, etc.

To all people scanning at MR centrum:

The advice from The Public Health Agency of Sweden applies: avoid close contact, wash hands often with soap  and stay at home if yoiu have disease symptoms. At the MR center this means:

1 – Be sure that the participants are healthy and not presenting any symptoms for COVID-19 (coughing, fiever) before they enter the MR centrum.

2 - Clean with disinfection solution everything that had been or will be in contact with the participants (MR scanner bed, button boxes, etc).

3 – One participant at a time in the MR-centrum, no group of people.