MR Center - New Project Request

To provide you with our services we first need to find out more about which type of study you want to run at KI MR-center. Note that this form is not binding and we will contact you for further details if the study is deemed to be suitable for our facilities.

Please provide a brief description of the study complete with research question and overall aims.
Type of participants (you can check more than one)
Please specify the minimum and maximum age of participants
By "PI" is meant the principal investigator of the study in the institute or university
Specify if you want us to assist with scanning by providing services from one of our MR nurses.
Typically, basic screening is enough for most studies, especially in cognitive neuroscience or when healthy controls are scanned. Basic screening is performed by radiologists at Karolinska hospital after normal working hours. Hence the results can be communicated several weeks after the MRI scan. Choose the advanced option if you need faster response and more flexibility with feedback.