The MR Center - user guidelines

On this page you will find guidelines for both new and current users of the MR Center core facility.

New user

To book the core facility, a responsible person with a MR-Driver's License must be named. Courses are given on a regular basis. You need to take one of the courses (safety or driver's license) to be able to run a project.

About the courses

The goal is to give research groups the possibility to use the MRI scanner themselves. The MR Center offers two kinds of courses:

  • MR driver – MRI safety, basic MRI physics, practical scanning, stimulus equipment
  • assistant – MRI safety only

After an agreement with your project leader you can apply for the safety/driving license course.

Please specify which course you intend to take, MR driver or assistant and when you plan to start scanning.

Please note that the courses are only intended for researchers carrying out their project at the MR Center at Karolinska Institutet.

MR Center new project request

In order to provide you with our services we need to find out more about the type of study you intend to conduct at the MR Center at Karolinska Institutet. You will need to fill out a form – MR Center new project request.

Please note that this form is not binding. We will contact you for further details if the study is deemed to be suitable for our facilities.

Booking the MRI scanner

The first step to get access to the core facility's services is to apply for an account in the iLab booking system. The booking of the MRI scanner is done directly in iLab.