New fundings and grants

We congratulate the following people who have received important contributions to their research

Congratulations to:

Rikard Wicksell who received SEK 700,000 from ALF Medicin for the project DAHLIA: development, evaluation and implementation of a digital behavioral intervention to increase resilience and function in people with long-term pain. Rikard has also received SEK 3.9 million from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund for the DAHLIA-young project: a need-based digital treatment for young people with long-term pain after cancer.

Mats Lekander who received a donation of USD 2,100,000 (about SEK 23 million) to the Osher Center for Integrative Health at Karolinska Institutet from Bernard and Barbro Osher.

Anna Dahlgren who received a grant from AFA for her study Bädda för kvalitet.

Per Davidson and Gustav Nilsonne who recieved 2,4 Mkr from Marie Curie-program, Horizon Europe for the project "Many Naps – a big team science experiment on sleep and memory (NAPS)".

Brjann Ljotsson and Josefin Särnholm who received new fundings from Vetenskapsrådet 2,4 millions: “Internetbaserad kognitiv beteendeterapi vid hjärtfokuserad ångest efter hjärtinfarkt”. 

Janina Seubert, Mikael Lundqvist and Agneta Herlitz who received grants from VR. 

Agneta Herlitz received Riksbankens Jubileumsfond 4,7 millions, “Do we need to bother about small sex differences in cognition and behavior? Is it possible to explain these regularly recurring patterns?”.

Ata Ghaderi received 4,9 millions from Forte, “An interactive, Internet-based program for prevention of eating disorders through optimization of protective factors”.

Pia Enebrink received 8,6 millions from Forte, “A randomizes controlled study of stepwise care for aggressive, oppositional behavior among youth: new technology for improved scalability and efficacy of treatments”.