Emilie Friberg's research group

The research group is primarily focusing on: Risk factors for and consequences of sickness absence in relation to specific diagnoses, mainly multiple sclerosis, traffic injuries, and cancer. Another focus area is interactions between different actors within the disease- and sickness absence process, such as physicians, rehabilitation coordinators, other healthcare professionals, patients and the Social Insurance Agency. Further, we conduct systematic literature reviews within the area, we teach, and conduct other knowledge transfer activities.

The group is interdisciplinary and multi professional and uses both quantitative and qualitative analysis methods. The studies conducted are based on data from nationwide registers, questionnaires and interviews and include research questions from several disciplines, including insurance medicine, medicine, public health, psychology, sociology, social work, behavioural science and health economy.

Reseach projects

1. Multiple sclerosis and sickness absence

2. Road traffic injury and sickness absence


Cochrane Insurance Medicine

Group members

Emilie Friberg

Principal researcher

Carin Nyman

Research Specialist

Alejandra Machado

Research Specialist

Veronica Svärd

Affiliated to research

Erik Berglund

Postdoctoral researcher

Jessica Dervish

Research assistant

Fitsum Teni

PhD student

Anders Kullgren

Affiliated to research

Agneta Wennman-Larsen

Affiliated to research

Per Lytsy

Affiliated to research

Helena Stigson

Affiliated to research

Korinna Karampampa

Affiliated to research

Christian Oldenburg

Postdoctoral researcher

Daniel Ståhl

Affiliated to research