Education at the Division of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Function PMI collaborates with universities in education at the advanced level in the medical program, in the nursing program, in the specialist nursing program (ST) and in postgraduate education.

At the division for anesthesia, we focus on training in medical programs and doctoral courses in postgraduate programs at KI.

Medicine Program

The focus of the program during semester 7 "Clinical medicine - targeting surgery" is to learn to recognize threats to vital functions, initially handle care for failing vital functions, to inform and optimize a patient for surgery and to plan a perioperative course of fluid substitution and pain relief.

The student-chosen course during semester 7, "When everything fails!" Focuses on intensive care and provides a deeper understanding of the knowledge about taking care of failures in vital functions.

The student-chosen course during semester 11, "Applied physiology in acute conditions", has the physiology at the center with a focus on how it can be measured and described.

Doctoral education

The doctoral education is conducted both by adopting doctoral students and supervising them for public defense and by providing postgraduate courses in Research Ethics and Science Theory with examiner Sigga Kalman.

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