Translational Seed Funding Grant Recipients

The project should represent a novel genuine collaboration between two scientists: one from the field of basic cancer research and the other from the field of clinical cancer research. The two scientists should in a joint and collaborative format attack an important problem in translational cancer research, where the unique and complementary expertise from the two applicants is required to solve the research question.


Grant Recipients
Collaborating Researchers Departments Project Title
Vanessa Lundin & Eva Hellström Lindberg MedH; MedH "Novel multidisciplinary approach combining iPSCs and 3D cell culture to obtain terminal, adult erythropoiesis in vitro"
Klas Blomgren & Christer Betsholtz KBH; MedH "Prevention and treatment of cognitive late effects after cranial radiotherapy"
Anna Nilsson & Martin Enge KBH; Onc-Pat "Disease monitoring and toxicity prediction in childhood acute leukemia from normal and blast cell response"
Robert Månsson & Marzia Palma LabMed; Onc-Pat "OFF Ibrutinib: Effects of suspending Ibrutinib treatment for patients in sustained partial remission"
Jenny Mjösberg & Caroline Nordenvall MedH; MMK "Single-cell proteomics and transcriptomics characterization of innate and adaptive lymphocytes in peritoneal carcinomatosis"
Nicola Crosetto & Theodoros Foukakis MBB; Onc-Pat "Assessing the analytical and clinical validity of DNA copy number profiling in breast cancer samples by the CUTseq method"