Core facility - Morphological Phenotype Analysis (FENO)


The great surge in numbers of mutant mice has made efficient phenotyping a necessity in order to find and adequately describe the changes caused by the genetic manipulation. Pathology is a major and integral part of the phenotyping process.

With support from WCN, The Unit for Morphological Phenotype Analysis (FENO) was established as a competence and service facility for mouse pathology at KI in 2002, and as such specializing in the pathology of genetically engineered mice.

FENO offers

  • a full necropsy and histopathology service to analyse and describe pathological changes in tissues and organs.
  • analysis of prenatal lethal mutants
  • advice on breeding schemes

We have a fixed pricelist. Please contact Raoul Kuiper for further information.


Raoul Kuiper

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