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Close to Vasastan in Stockholm is Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet's large auditorium. The auditorium is located by Solnavägen facing the new Karolinska University Hospital. Our premises are excellent for both internal and external conferences, general meetings, meetings and events. Here, e.g. Nobel lectures and scientific symposia that bring together people from all over the world. In the house there are large airy and exciting foyers on several levels to use for exhibitions and mingling.

Aula Medica
Aula Medica Photo: Janos Kovacs

Aula Medica was built through a donation from the Erling-Persson Family Foundation in connection with Karolinska Institutet's 200th anniversary. Aula Medica was inaugurated on October 11, 2013. The architect for Aula Medica is Wingårdh's architectural office.

Visiting address: Karolinska Institutet, Aula Medica, Nobels väg 6, 171 65 Solna

Aula Medica - Conference and event

Erling Persson-salen

Auditorium Aula Medica
Auditorium Aula Medica Photo: Stefan Zimmerman

The auditorium in Aula Medica is called the Erling Persson Hall, named after the donor Stefan Persson's father, the H&M founder Erling Persson. The pillar-free hall is built as an amphitheater with room for 1,000 people. With fantastic acoustics and a large stage, the auditorium works for many different types of events. The hall has a high technical standard and the technology is included in our rental price. It is also possible to divide the hall to adapt to the number of participants.

Aula Medica building conference floors
Aula Medica building conference floors Photo: Janos Kovacs

Mingle areas

Immediately next to the Erling Persson Hall there are bright and airy foyers on floors 2, 3 and 4. Here there is a combined area of around 2,000 square metres for product exhibitions, fairs or mingling. When you book the Aula, the use of the foyer areas is included at no extra cost.

Food and Beverages

The Nanna Svartz restaurant is located on the entrance floor on Solnavägen 7 and has space for 180 seated guests. Café Erik Jorpes is by the main entrance on Nobels väg 6, where light meals are served. The restaurants in Aula Medica also arrange for conferences and other events to have food served in one of our foyers. On floor 7, the faculty club “Svarta Räfven” caters for business lunches and smaller groups.

Conference rooms

There are five conference/meeting rooms in Aula Medica, each for 8 - 30 people. All the rooms are equipped with modern technology to create the right conditions for flexible meetings.

Modern technology

The Erling Persson Hall and all the conference rooms have state-of-the-art technology to meet different customers' needs for technical solutions. In the auditorium there are 3 reflective screens of different sizes, 3 projectors, different types of microphones, video conferencing equipment and recording options for documenting meetings. Technicians are included in the prize.

Accessibility for everyone

Aula Medica has good accessibility for people with disabilities. It is easy for everyone to get in, thanks to lifts to the auditorium and six entrances. The auditorium is equipped to the latest accessibility standards, including induction loops and signs for the visually impaired.


Aula Medica is located in Solna, north of Stockholm. Many hotels in different price ranges are available in the area.

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